4′x8′ CNC Plasma Table – Arc Pro 9600


  98″ by 52″ Cutting Envelope
   Table cost $11650.00

Our tables ship fully tested, 98% assembled and ready to run

The Arc Pro 9600 4×8 CNC plasma table is our most popular size machine and was built after a long research and design process. It represents the very best in small shop CNC Plasma tables at a very affordable price. Our control system is one of the best and most feature rich control systems on the market, and comes with a two year warranty, plus support.

We have features that no other company offers in this price range. From our enclosed control cabinet to standard magnetic release torch mount, other manufacturers charge thousands extra for what we consider standard. For details on all this great machine has to offer click on the links on the left to learn more. If you are looking for a smaller size plasma table check out our 4×4 CNC plasma table or the 5×5 CNC plasma table.

Overall table dimensions: 75 1/2″w x 114″L, Slat surface height 26 1/2″
Total Travel Distance: X axis= 54 1/2″, Y axis= 102 1/2″, Z axis= 7″, 4″ gantry clearance. If you have any questions about our CNC Machines call us at 1-866-222-2154 or email us at arclightdynamics@gmail.com.

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Arc Pro 9600 Package Pricing:

  • Packaged with Hyperthem Powermax 45 w/ machine torch – Only $13880.00
  • Packaged with Hyperthem Powermax 65 w/ machine torch – Only $14620.00
  • Packaged with Hyperthem Powermax 85 w/ machine torch – Only $15340.00
  • Packaged with Hyperthem Powermax 105 w/ machine torch – Only $16550.00