4’x4′ CNC Plasma Table – Arc Pro X 4800

  50″ by 50″ Cutting Envelope
   Table cost $10,447.00 *

Our tables ship fully tested, 98% assembled and ready to run

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All New Advanced Control Systems:

  • Linux Operating System, (More reliable, with better real time operation than Windows)
  • Industrial fanless computer with solid state drive, Industrial CoreCNC Delta 3 Controller (3 year warranty)
  • Command CNC Control Software (user friendly interface with smoother operation)
  • Faster, Ethernet based communication
  • Blazingly fast Torch Height Control (THC), with improve touch off speed for faster cuts.
  • Gantry utilizes dual 20mm linear rails, providing smooth vibration free cutting at high speeds
  • Most Importantly, Arclight Dynamics Legendary Customer Support


Arc Pro X 4800, with new table modifications, has raised the bar for one of Arclight Dynamics’ most popular tables the Arc Pro 4800, THE table that Arclight Dynamics was founded on.  A tried and true machine that has been battle tested.  Reliable, rugged, and re-engineered; Arc Pro X will give you the plasma table cutting performance you expect from an Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma Table.  Don’t let the smaller 4×4 footprint of the Arc Pro X 4800 fool you.  Arc Pro X 4800 is capable of holding 1” plate across its cutting surface, like all Arc Pro X series CNC plasma tables. Further, Arc Pro X series plasma tables employ an open ended table frame design, allowing this table to easily work with full 4’x8’ sheets of material.   Arc Pro X 4800, with minimal setup time and user friendly software, will have you moving your work and, more importantly, your ideas in-house.  No more outsourcing jobs or waiting on others’ timelines.

Arclight Dynamics has put exhaustive hours of R&D into bringing you Arc Pro X.  Arc Pro X has a revamped gantry with dual linear rails, new Linux operating system, complete computer and software package, velocity based anti-dive (many systems cannot offer this), 3” water pan, z-axis with floating head and breakaway magnetic torch mount, and lifetime technical support.  These are just a few of the NEW STANDARD features that your Arclight Dynamics table will come with.  Arclight Dynamics can assure you that your Arc Pro X 4800 will arrive at your shop, better then ever, ready to cut!

Every Arc Pro X CNC Plasma Table comes will an industry leading 3 year warranty on its controller and control system, 2 year warranty on all electronics, and a limited lifetime warranty on the table frame.  Further, Arclight Dynamics offers tangibles that no other company can; unbeatable value, unmatched table performance, and comprehensive customer support.  Allow Arclight Dynamics to afford you the confidence to propel your business and business dreams to the next level.

We proudly build our American made CNC plasma tables in the state of Oregon where there is NO SALES TAX.  That means the prices you see on this website are the prices you’ll pay.  There are no hidden fees.  We believe strongly in business transparency.  Come see why we’re leading the industry in customer satisfaction!  Start by building yourself a quote or give us a call at 866-222-2154.  


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Overall table dimensions: 77″W x 70 1/2″L, Slat surface height 26 1/2″.  Total Travel Distance: X axis= 54 3/4″, Y axis= 69 1/2″, Z axis= 7″, 4″ gantry clearance. If you have any questions about our CNC Plasma Tables, CNC Routers, or Handheld CNC pendant, call us at 1-866-222-2154 or email us at arclightdynamics@gmail.com.

*base price does not include plasma cutter

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