5 Stage Air Filtration Unit

Proper air filtration is a must for today’s plasma systems.  Dirty or wet air can lead to many problems, including poor cut quality, short consumable life, and loss of cutting power.  We offer a turnkey system that comes mounted to the table and is ready to go.  This system will ensure no water or oil gets into your cutter and can potentially save you thousands in consumables and poor quality parts.

5 stage filtration
1.  5 micron filter
2. .01 micron filter
3. .01 micron coalescing filter
4. Silica gel desiccant dryer
5. Regulator and 5 micro filter

Pictured to the left, is the complete 5 stage air filtration as it will ship.  Made up of quality Campbell Hausfeld and Motor Guard filters this quality unit is a MUST have!  For more information about our Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma tables , 5 stage air filtration unit, or those Arclight table accessories please give us a call at 1-866-222-2154 or email us at Sales@arclightcnc.com.

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