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Arclight Dynamics

About Arclight DynamicsArclight Dynamics is a family run business located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Our goal is to produce the best quality cnc plasma tables on the market at a price that small businesses can afford.  Just because you don’t have $30,000, or more, to spend  on a CNC plasma table doesn’t mean you should have to put up with a lightweight hobby grade plasma table.  Arclight Dynamics, a division of Cascades Steel Works L.L.C, is focused on selling stunning metal art to local galleries and gift shops throughout the northwest.  Arclight Dynamics will give you the right product and personalized attention you need to be successful.  If you have any questions about our Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma systems, or other products, please call us at 1-866-222-2154 or email us at sales@arclightcnc.com.

Attention to Detail


Each and every CNC Plasma table produced in our facility is held to an exacting standard.  These standards ensure that your table will arrive READY TO RUN.  Our small staff of skilled fabricators handcraft each and every Arclight CNC plasma table. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality, places us far above our competition.

Arclight Dynamics does not box ship from an overseas manufacturer.  Every Arc Pro Series CNC plasma Table is fabricated in the USA, with parts sourced from US manufacturers.  We take immense pride in providing our customers with automation equipment that allows them to compete on a national and even global scale.  From prototyping to full production runs, the Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma system allows you to go from concept, to product, to profit in no time at all.  Arclight Dynamics’ advanced manufacturing equipment is the key to revitalizing America’s manufacturing economy.  Don’t let anyone tell you America doesn’t manufacture anymore.

The Arclight Story

first table in garage

Arclight Dynamics was founded in 2010.  Like so many great American companies, ours was started in a two car garage.  Founder, Scott Cunningham, was in disbelief at what was available on the market for cnc plasma systems.  At the time most CNC Plasma tables available on the market were over priced, lightweight, and flimsy.  And more importantly the products were under supported.  Scott, convinced he could build a better mousetrap, based on experience, knew that every metal working shop and small manufacturer in America would need and desire this new equipment.  Arclight Dynamics was born.

Product performance, value, and top notch service, these are the tenants that Arclight Dynamics was  founded on.  A genuine investment in our client continues to be  paramount in Arclight Dynamics’ growth.  Vested interest in a customer’s success is a value lost.  With thoughtful insight, Scott Cunningham and a small family loan, started Arclight Dynamics.  The small garage located on Bend, Oregon’s ‘east side’ still remains, however the Cunningham family has moved on as they proudly added one more to their family tree.  Scott and his team of committed employees, eighteen and counting, have taken Arclight Dynamics from his 500 Sq ft Garage to a 10,000 sq ft warehouse.  Going into 2017 Arclight Dynamics keeps it’s sight on continued 40% year over year growth.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Fabricators, metal works, students, teachers, artists (both the visionary custom car fabricator and starving barista alike), people love our tables.  We thank you for you support. To those of you who are hearing about us for the first time, welcome.  

Arclight Dynamics

Who we are and what we do:

Arclight Dynamics is a locally owned and operated business located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Our Mission:

Our aim is to ensure that all of our products are manufactured with the highest quality and standards.

Our relationship with customers:

We offer a worry-free 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our tables.


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