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Arc Pro Ultra 4×2 Base CNC Plasma Table


Introducing the all new Arc Pro Ultra 4×2 Base CNC Plasma Table by Arclight Dynamics. Engineered and assembled in the USA, this industrial-grade table is designed to pair with an ArcDroid CNC Plasma System. You can also upgrade it in the future by adding a CNC Gantry (coming soon). Shipping is calculated at checkout.

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*ArcDroid sold separately. Table displayed with additional options and accessories.


Select Your Options

Add an ArcDroid and get cutting right away.
ArcDroid CNC Plasma Robot (+$2,750.00)
Select the plasma cutter that best fits your needs.
Hypertherm Powermax 45XP (+$3,365.00)
Razor Cut 45di Plasma Cutter (includes torch) (+$1,425.00)
Upgrade your table by selecting the options below.
Galvanized Water Pan (+$595.00)
Tsunami Regenerative Air Dryer System (+$1,875.00)
Air Filtration (+$860.00)
Plasma Rover (+$350.00)
Green Guard Rust Blocker (+$198.00)
Plate Rollers (+$550.00)
Double Slats (+$295.00)
Hypertherm Powermax 45XP
Air Filtration
Tsunami Regenerative Air Dryer System
Plasma Rover
Green Guard
Double Slats
Razor Cut 45di Plasma Cutter (includes torch)
Plate Rollers
Product total
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Pay a deposit of $500.00 per item

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Request a quote

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Overview: The Arc Pro V2 4×2 Base CNC Plasma Table is a state-of-the-art solution designed for metal fabricators seeking precision, efficiency, and versatility in their projects. This table is expertly engineered to integrate seamlessly with the ArcDroid CNC Plasma Robot, creating a powerhouse duo for your metal cutting needs.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Size: With a 4×2 foot working area, the table offers ample space for a wide range of projects, from intricate artistic designs to robust industrial parts.

  • Robust Construction: Built with durability in mind, the table features a heavy-duty steel frame ensuring stability and longevity, even in the most demanding workshop environments.

  • Precision Control: The Arc Pro V2 table is equipped with advanced motion control systems, providing smooth and precise movements essential for intricate cuts and detailed work.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface make setup and operation straightforward, even for beginners.

  • Seamless Integration with ArcDroid: Designed to perfectly accommodate the ArcDroid CNC Plasma Robot, this table ensures a harmonious and efficient workflow, maximizing the robot’s cutting capabilities.


  • Enhanced Productivity: With faster cutting speeds and reduced setup time, the Arc Pro V2 table significantly boosts your workshop’s productivity.

  • Versatility in Applications: Whether you’re working on custom signage, automotive parts, or artistic metal works, this table can handle it all with precision.

  • Improved Cut Quality: Achieve smooth, clean cuts with reduced slag, thanks to the table’s superior motion control and compatibility with the ArcDroid’s advanced plasma cutting technology.

  • Space-Efficient Design: The compact 4×2 footprint makes it an ideal choice for workshops where space is at a premium, without compromising on the work area.

  • Cost-Effective: By enhancing efficiency and reducing waste, the Arc Pro V2 table is an investment that pays off by lowering the overall cost of your projects.

Ideal For: Metal fabrication shops, artisans, hobbyists, and educational institutions looking for a reliable, high-quality CNC plasma cutting solution.

Elevate your metalworking capabilities with the Arc Pro V2 4×2 Base CNC Plasma Table – a perfect blend of precision, efficiency, and versatility.

Modular Design

Grow your business with a new Arc Pro V2 Base CNC Plasma Table. As you grow your table can grow with you, from 4×2 to 4×4 to 4×8 with a simple size upgrade kit (coming soon).

Arc Pro Ultra Animation


For the Arc Pro V2 Base 4×2 CNC Plasma Table

Learn more about the ArcDroid

Step 1: Setup and Calibration

Step 1.5: Z Axis Calibration

Step 2: Connecting you plasma cutter

Step 3: The basics of the ArcDroid user interface

Step 4: Your first cut!

Step 5: Another sample cut using Simple Trace

Step 6: Basics of cutting with Fusion 360

“My ArcLight table is truly the best equipment investment I’ve made for my business.”
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Paul Brinegar
Zero Tolerance Fabrication



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