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Arc Max Elite 4×8 CNC Plasma Table

Original price was: $30,995.00.Current price is: $29,995.00.

Arc Max elite 4x8 Logo When simplified ease of use, production capability, and heavy plate processing are essential to your business’s success, our no-compromise Arc Max Elite Series of CNC plasma tables are the top-of-the-line solution for your shop. With integrated FlashCut reliability, accuracy, and efficiency are at the foundation of the design of Arc Max Elite series tables. All backed by dedicated lifetime support for a package that can not be beat.

The Arc Max Elite is built on a welded and unitized frame of thick steel tubing. The precision-designed gantry is engineered from low mass aircraft grade aluminum, providing exceptional rigidity and first-class acceleration and deceleration characteristics; most desirable in high-performance CNC plasma tables. Upgrade your shop with and Arc Max Elite CNC plasma table today.

FlashCut CNC comes standard on all Arc Max Elite tables. Decades of experience, superior features and tens of thousands of satisfied customers world-wide make FlashCut’s fully integrated CAD/CAM/CNC plasma control system among the best in the world.

*Table displayed with additional options and accessories.

How to choose your table

When choosing a CNC Plasma Table there are a few main ideas to consider that are often overlooked. These steps will help you determine the setup that best suits your needs, allows for future growth and expands your capabilities.

Step 1

Table Considerations

Table size is one of the most important considerations for a new system. CNC Plasma Tables are available in the following sizes: 6×12, 5×10, 4×8, 5×5, 4×4, 2×2.

Shop space plays a major factor in your table selection. Carefully measure your shop space and compare this to the overall dimensions of the table that you are considering as well as the control cabinet footprint (24”swing radius). Consider how material will be loaded and unloaded. Material is typically loaded from the operator’s left side of the table. A custom “Reverse Build” option reconfigures the table to easily be loaded from the operator’s right side. A reverse build is a no charge option, contact our sales team to specify your table build. There are a few additional things to consider for your shop space:

• Material Storage
• Plasma Cutter
• Air Compressor
• Secondary Finishing Tools
• Proximity to 120V and 220V
• Electrical Supply
• Recommended Earth Grounding

Material thickness will help inform you as to what table and which plasma cutter is best suited for your needs. Consider the max thickness and the typical thickness of your projects. For thinner gauge materials an Arc Pro™ Series Table will work great. If you plan on frequently handling heavier materials ½” and above an Arc Max Series Table will be better suited for your needs. For the heaviest cutting applications the Arc Max Unlimited is engineered to handle cutting thicknesses up to 3 inches thick. The maximum plate thickness also plays a direct role in your plasma cutter selection. Thicker materials will require a higher amperage plasma cutter.

The Arc Pro Series tables offer a solution for anyone needing to cut metal with a CNC Plasma System. They have served customers in many industries including manufacturing, fabrication, sign making, auto restoration, prototyping and the education space for over 10 years.

The Arc Max Series tables provide a premium heavy-duty solution with thicker plate capacities, high-output production and is built to withstand rugged work environments.

The Arc Max Elite Series brings easy to use Flashcut CNC capabilities to an industrial strength table.

The Arc Max Unlimited Series brings Flashcut CNC, MaxPro 200 and Oxy-fuel capabilities to an industrial strength table. When production capabilities and thicker cutting capacities matter to your business the Arc Max Unlimited CNC plasma tables are there to meet the demands.

Step 2

Select a Plasma Cutter

Select a plasma cutter based on the needs of your projects. Thickness, material type and available power are three defining factors when selecting a Hypertherm Plasma Cutter. In addition, the cut speed increases as amperage increases. Amperage, cut capacity and power requirements include:

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP
• 45A
• Pierce Capacity ½” mild steel
• Maximum Cut Capacity 1” mild steel
• Single Phase

Hypertherm Powermax65 SYNC
• Pierce Capacity 5/8” mild steel
• Maximum Cut Capacity 1” mild steel
• Single or Three Phase

Hypertherm Powermax85 SYNC
Pierce Capacity 3/4” mild steel
• Maximum Cut Capacity 1 1/4” mild steel
• Single or Three Phase

Hypertherm Powermax105 SYNC
Pierce Capacity 7/8” mild steel
Maximum Cut Capacity 1 1/2” mild steel
Three Phase Only (200 – 600 Volts)

Hypertherm Powermax125
• Pierce Capacity 1” mild steel
• Maximum Cut Capacity 1 1/2” mild steel
• Three Phase Only (480 – 600 Volts)

Hypertherm MAXPRO200
• Pierce Capacity 1.25” mild steel
• Maximum Cut Capacity 2″ mild steel
• Three Phase Only (200 – 600 Volts)

Step 3


Expand the capabilities of your CNC Plasma Table beyond plate cutting. Arclight Dynamics offers the widest range of accessories in the industry including:

  • Engraver
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Router
  • Auto Tracer
  • Logic Board Digitizing System

Step 4

Table Options

Optimize the functionality and performance of your CNC Plasma Table with a wide range of table options. These features simplify operation, assist with material handling, improve efficiency and help overall performance. Some popular options include:

  • Arc Sync Technology
  • Air Filtration
  • Torch Breakaway and Bevel Cutting
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Mobile Cabinet
  • Hand Held Control Pendant
  • Frame Skirts
  • Double Slats
  • Plate In-Feed Rollers

Step 5


All CNC systems require three types of software. CAD for design, CAM for nesting and toolpathing, CNC for table operation. Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma Tables include a standard software package:

The Arc Pro and Arc Max Series come standard with SheetCAM, InkScape, QCAD, and CommandCNC. Fully licensed and pre-installed on the system computer.

The Arc Max Elite and Arc Max Unlimited Series comes standard with industry leading Flashcut CNC capabilities offering full CAD, CAM, CNC integration. Fully licensed and pre-installed on the system computer.

Additional software offerings include:

  • ProNest – Automatic Nesting, Shape Library
  • Design2Fab – HVAC software
  • PipeFit Pro – Pipe Cutting Software
  • VCarve Pro – Routing Design Software
  • Vector Art Packages

Step 6


All Arclight Dynamics CNC systems include our industry leading year warranty 

The Arc Pro and Arc Max Series come standard with our industry leading 3 year warranty (motion control components) while most other manufactures only warrant their systems for 0 – 24 months.

The Arc Max Elite and Arc Max Unlimited Series running FlashCut CNC will include a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty on the Controller, Cabling, and Motors. Other Electronics such as limit switches, E-Stop switches, and cables separate from the controller, motors, and motor cables will have a 2-year warranty. The included NUC computer will have a 3-year warranty and related electronics including Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse will have a 24 Month Warranty.

Warranty extensions are available for The Arc Pro™ and Arc Max Series (both new and pre-owned systems). These will extend your warranty an additional 1 or 2 years.

Step 7

Air Supply

Select an air compressor based on your overall shop requirements. Minimum requirements for air are 15CFM at 90 PSI which typically equates to a 60 – 80 gallon tank with 5HP motor. In addition, air filtration and drying will help improve overall cut quality.

Air filtration is the single most effective step that you can take to improve cut quality, extend consumable life and protect your plasma cutter.

Both refrigerated and desiccant air drying systems will take your air quality to the next level, in some cases removing 100% of moisture in your air lines.

Arclight Dynamics offers a variety of Air Compressors, Filters and Dryers to compliment your CNC Plasma Table

Step 8

Power Supply

When considering the power needs for your shop, consider the CNC table needs plasma cutter requirements, air compressor requirements and any additional shop equipment that may have significant amperage draw

Power supply requirements:

  • Table 120V, 15A
  • Plasma Cutters vary depending on amperage and available power
  • Air Compressors vary depending on amperage and available power

Step 9

Shop Tools

Most plasma cut parts will need some form of secondary processing. This can be as simple as wire cup and flap disk grinding or automated with some of the following solutions:

• EZ Sander Belt Sanding Surface Finishing
• Vortex Tumble Blasting Cabinet
• Kral’s Parts Tumbler – TDP

Step 10


Your CNC Plasma System will require the regular replacement of certain wear components. It would be good to keep on hand replacement parts and plasma consumables to maximize efficiency.

Still have questions?

Build your table

Select the plasma cutter that best fits your needs.
Hypertherm Powermax 45XP (+$3,365.00)
Hypertherm Powermax 65 SYNC (+$5,220.00)
Hypertherm Powermax 85 SYNC (+$6,665.00)
Hypertherm Powermax 105 SYNC (+$8,520.00)
Hypertherm Powermax 125 (+$11,455.00)
Upgrade your table by selecting the options below.
Dual Plasma Torch Upgrade (+$1,735.00)
Collision Detection and Bevel Cutting System (+$750.00)
Dynamic Water Control (+$2,150.00)
Laser Torch Alignment System (+$1,000.00)
Tsunami Regenerative Air Dryer System (+$1,875.00)
Air Filtration (+$860.00)
Touch Screen Monitor (+$700.00)
Flashcut Mobile Cabinet (+$995.00)
Flashcut Hand Held Control Pendant (+$950.00)
Plasma Rover (+$350.00)
Cabinet Cover (+$175.00)
Green Guard Rust Blocker (+$198.00)
CNC Plasma Table Accessories help increase your capabilities.
OxyFuel Cutting System (+$5,995.00)
Plate Engraver (+$1,900.00)
Pipe and Tube Cutter (+$5,575.00)
Router Kit (+$3,250.00)
Logic Board Digitizing System (44" x 60") (+$4,575.00)
All Elite systems include Flashcut CNC Software.
Design2Fab (HVAC Ductwork, lifetime license) (+$2,350.00)
Design2Fab (HVAC Ductwork, annual license) (+$950.00)
VCarve Pro Router Table Software (+$725.00)
ProNest LT Unlimited (Annual License) (+$475.00)
ProNest LT Unlimited (Lifetime License) (+$1,973.00)
Optional Upgrades for the Flashcut CNC System.
V10 FC Chain and Bridge Cutting Software (+$500.00)
V10 FC Common Line Cutting Software (+$500.00)
V10 FC Nesting Report Software (+$750.00)
V10 FC Remnant Support Software (+$1,500.00)
V10 FC Software Premium Bundle Includes all above (save $250) (+$2,995.00)
Powermax 65
Powermax 65 SYNC
Powermax 85 SYNC
Powermax 105 SYNC
Powermax 125
Laser Torch Alignment system
Dynamic Water Control
Collision Detection and Bevel Cutting System
Flashcut Mobile Cabinet
Flashcut Laser
Air Filtration
Tsunami Regenerative Air Dryer System
Flashcut Hand Held Pendant
Touch Screen Monitor
Plasma Rover
Cabinet Cover
Green Guard, Qty. 2 - 5 Gallon Containers
Plate Engraver
Pipe Cutter
Router Kit
Logic Board Digitizer
Design2Fab (HVAC Ductwork, lifetime license)
Design2Fab (HVAC Ductwork, annual license)
VCarve Pro Router Table Software
ProNest LT Unlimited (Annual License)
ProNest LT Unlimited (Lifetime License)
V10 FC Chain and Bridge Cutting Software
V10 FC Common Line Cutting Software
V10 FC Nesting Report Software
V10 FC Remnant Support Software
V10 FC Software Premium Bundle Includes all above (save $250)
Product total
Options total
Grand total
Pay a deposit of $500.00 per item

Grand total:  See in cart

We currently accept a $500 deposit to place your table into the build queue. A 50% deposit will be collected after the purchase initiation and then the balance is due prior to shipping. We are usually running a 3 – 6 week lead time for delivery of our CNC systems. This lead time is calculated from the time we receive your deposit to the day it is ready to ship. You have the option to select the deposit during checkout.

4 ways to buy

1. Build online

Build your table online and pay a $500 deposit to get in the build queue.

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Request a quote

Fill out this form and an Arclight Dynamics representative will be with you shortly.

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4. Find a distributor

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The Arc Max Elite CNC Plasma Table from Arclight Dynamics is available in 6×12, 5×10, 4×8 and 5×5. The Arc Max Elite CNC Plasma Cutting Tables have once again pushed the limits of what an air plasma cutter is capable of. We have taken the features found on high-end industrial tables and incorporated them into an affordable package. Arclight Dynamics is raising the bar for what you should expect from a CNC plasma table.
The Flashcut CNC software interface is simple and easy to run allowing anyone to walk up to the machine a cut a part with minimal effort and training. In minutes you can set up the machine to design and cut parts, allowing the operator to complete other projects.
An Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma table will be, hands down, the best investment for your shop and cost less than a part time employee. In addition, your new CNC Plasma Table will come with a full team of Arclight support technicians (Arc Angels) to assist you every step of the way.
Smooth cuts, sharp corners, and true holes. The drive system, comprised of precision 20 mm linear guide rails and Hiwin linear slide blocks, provides smooth stable motion without inducing table vibration or flex. Bottom line is Arc Max blows the doors off of the competition in cut quality and overall table performance.
Each Arc Max Elite CNC Plasma Table comes will an industry leading limited lifetime warranty on the table frame, 1 year warranty on its controller and motion control system, and a 1 year warranty on the dedicated computer.
We proudly build our CNC Plasma Tables in the United States. We believe strongly in honest business transparency without hidden fees or recurring charges.

Compare Models

Learn more about the differences of the Arc Max Elite.

  • Arc Max Elite
  • Arc Max
Features Arc Max EliteArc Max
Starting at $24,995
Starting at $18,950
ControllerFlashcut CNCCommand CNC
Integrated CAD/CAM/CNC
Automatic Nesting Software
OxyFuel Ready
Work-Piece Alignment
Rapids800 IPM600 IPM
MotorsNema 34- 940 oz StepperNema 23- 620 oz Stepper
Motor CablingXLR Quick ConnectorsHard Wired
Laser AlignmentOptional
Collision DetectionSystem Ready
Hole CuttingSmart 360® Hole Cutting TechnologyCustomizable Path Rules
Serial CommunicationOptional
Easy CAD/Image Import
CAD Error Fix Tool
CAD Feature Welding Tool
CAD-DXF Export
CAM 3D Cutting Simulation
CNC-THC Performance History Chart
CNC Automated Remanant Cut off
Ohmic & Mechanical Touch-OffBothMechanical Only
CNC Automatic Lead-in on Restart
Shop Arc Max EliteShop Arc Max

Standard Performance Features


For the Arc Max Elite 4×8 CNC Plasma Table

“My ArcLight table is truly the best equipment investment I’ve made for my business.”
ZT Fab logo arclight dynamics cnc plasma table testimonial edit rev 11
Paul Brinegar
Zero Tolerance Fabrication

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Learn more about the included software and how easy it is to start using your new CNC Plasma Table.

Jim Colt on the Advanced Machine Interface of the Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma tables.

Jim Colt speaks to the Voltage Sampling feature on Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma Tables.


With our systems you will receive the CNC Table with a mini computer pre-installed with all the software you need to build parts or get started creating designs. All systems have advanced Digital Torch Height Control, Collision Detection, Breakaway Torch Mount and a Water Pan to reduce plate warpage and dust. The software is pre-configured with cut settings for Mild Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Our standard software has no recurring licenses or fees. Plasma cutters are sold separately so you can use your own or so we can pair a unit up with your needs for cutting capacity. We proudly offer Hypertherm products from a 45xp to the MAXPRO200.

The primary differences between the Arc Max and Arc Pro tables are how they are intended to be used. For most general fab shops, the Arc Pro tables will work accurately and efficiently to produce accurate parts with clean edges, sharp corners, and round holes. The Arc Pro is best suited for shops that rarely see 1/2″ Mild Steel and thicker materials.

If the intent is full production capability and the machine will see heavy plate on a regular basis, then the Arc Max is an excellent choice. the unitized steel frame is robust and well suited for thick materials. The HIWIN Linear guide rails have sealed cassette bearing block housings with grease-able zerk fittings for easy maintenance. The Arc Max tables also come standard with the following:

  • Welded, unitized steel frame with 3×3, 3/16″ wall steel tubing
  • HIWIN precision linear rails and slides on all axis
  • An 8″ extra deep water pan with expanded metal at the 4″ mark to catch small parts for easy access. The extended depth water pan allows for increased run time before the pan needs to be cleaned= less maintenance.
  • 8″ raised gantry clearance standard
  • Rollers to help loading of large, heavy plate onto the bed of table as a standard feature
  • The material support slat height is flush with the table frame
  • Frame skirting is a standard Feature
  • Twin ball valves for easy draining and filling of water pan
  • 3 Emergency stop buttons

The Arc Max tables run a different controller that use CAD, SheetCAM and CommandCNC. The Elite tables run the FlashCut Software and Controller and have upgraded NEMA 34 Motors. The Unlimited tables also run the FlashCut Software and Controller and have upgraded NEMA 34 Motors, a reinforced and gusseted steel frame suitable for up to 3” Thick Mild Steel and have upgraded 4.5” deep slats to accommodate either MAXPRO 200 or Oxy-Fuel Cutting Processes.

The Arc Pro tables run a different controller that use CAD, SheetCAM and CommandCNC. The Elite tables run the FlashCut Software and Controller and have upgraded NEMA 34 Motors.

Your CNC plasma can cut most metals, including steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. The CNC Router can cut wood, acrylic, aluminum, brass, plastic, foam, composites, phenolic and other solid materials.

All tables come with lifetime support that follows the table to any owner. Our staff of expert full time technical support agents are available Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm PST. They can be reached via email or phone. Occasionally you will have to leave a message, but they return all calls in the order received as we see every call through to resolution. Our support team also monitors our table owners group on Facebook Arclight Dynamics Users Support Forum. This is a gated, owners-only group that is an invaluable resource for new and experienced operators.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 866-222-2154 (option 2).

We offer several options for learning the machine. Every table comes with a comprehensive operation manual that walks you through setup, maintenance, operation and every accessory. In addition to this manual, there are extensive video training modules on every table and on our website. Also, we offer lifetime technical support via phone, email, video conference and remote desktop. Additional training options include in house and on-site training. There may be an additional cost for these services.

Most users are able to get started cutting right away with basic preparations including air, power and water. It is a simple three step process: CAD, CAM and Cut. We will provide you with training resources, references and software ahead of your tables delivery. Also, live technical support is available to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

Our CNC Systems shipped 98% assembled with all the components loaded and secured to the top of the table. We ship partial load LTL, fully insured with a driver no-touch policy. The system is not trans-loaded, moved or otherwise disturbed until it arrives at your location. Offloading will require a forklift or similar machine with extensions to facilitate front or side offload. In some cases where a forklift is not available a tilt-bed roll-off style tow truck can be hired to assist with offloading. All tables are equipped with caster wheels that can be lowered to aid with rolling the table off the truck.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on the table, 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty on the Controller and Motors. 2-Year for other electronics and a 1-Year Computer Warranty.

You have the option of purchasing a 1 or 2 year Extended Warranty for any Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma Table.

All tables ship fully tested and 98% assembled, making it easy to cut your first masterpiece. An initial training session and lifetime support are included with every table.



Made in the USA

All Arclight CNC Plasma Tables are designed, engineered, and made in America.

Lifetime Support

Buy with confidence. Our technical support team is only a call away to train, assist and optimize all aspects of your system. We are with you every step of the way.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.

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ArcLight Dynamics Guarantee

We offer a worry-free 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our tables. Our aim is to ensure that all of our products are manufactured with the highest quality and standards.