Powermax 45XP


The Powermax 45xp is the ideal unit for individuals focusing on creative art and the decorative design markets or the HVAC industry.  This unit will fit the needs of individuals who regularly cut 3/8″ mild steel and under.   This cutter has a max pierce capacity of 1/2″. These units come with Hypertherm’s factory warranty and is ready to complement our Arc Pro series CNC plasma tables.

Hypertherm is the industry leader in plasma cutters.  Their exclusive Conical Flow torch design dramatically increases arc energy density for superior cut quality and minimal dross.  This Powermax 45xp can go head to head with other companies’ 60 amp machines and outperform.  It is truly a testament to Hypertherm air plasmas.

If you are looking for a more powerful plasma cutter, we can outfit our CNC plasma tables with the Powermax 65, Powermax 85Powermax 105, and Powermax 125 as well.  If you have any questions about Hypertherm plasma cutters or a table build please give us a call at 1-866-222-2154 or email us at arclightdynamics@gmail.com.

Powermax 45xp
with 20′ machine torch, integrated with a table  $2375.00*

*Plasma systems not sold separately

Purchase Now - $2375.00