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collision detection

Collision Detection and Bevel Cutting System

The Arclight Dynamics Collision Detection System is designed to protect your fabrication head, minimize part defects associated with torch mis-alignment, and provide an intuitive bevel cutting platform. The system consists of two halves which utilize rare earth magnets and alignment features to provide a strong and self-aligning engagement. The system has a universal torch mount design and breakaway force to handle fabrication heads ranging from the 45 XP up to an oxy-fuel torch.
  • Backwards Compatible to mount to existing and new Arclight Dynamics Tables
  • Integrated mounting points to support both Command CNC and FlashCut CNC laser alignment options
  • Continuous bevel cutting adjustment available with visual alignment indicators at 15 degree increments from (-)45-0-45 degrees
  • Universal design to support a wide range of fabrication heads
  • High Sensitivity Proximity Sensor
  • Catch plate to protect your torch from falling during a collision and also support quick changes if using multiple fabrication heads


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cnc plasma torch adjustment
Many designs on the market feature either mechanical switches or proximity sensors with large sensing distances. This translates to the systems being less precise and sensitive. Our design utilizes an ultra sensitive proximity sensor detecting impacts to the head resulting in motion down to .8mm [.031″].
Halo designed collision detection systems are another common option on the market. These designs provide a firm hold on the torch but have two major issues. First, they typically do not support bevel cutting and second, they do not provide the opportunity for the torch to break away from the fixed base. The result of this is that any signal latency or system configuration issues can result in damage to your torch.
Cable catches are common to breakaway torch systems and while they can help to protect your torch from dropping on the material in a collision event, they by design limit the ability to easily remove the fabrication head. Our design features a catch plate, so that the torch can quickly and easily be swapped out.
We are proud to offer what we believe is the best mechanically adjustable bevel cutting collision detection system on the market. Fully backwards compatible it makes the great upgrade to your existing or new ArcLight Dynamics Table.
Compatible with all Arc Max Unlimited, Arc Max Elite, Arc Max and Arc Pro Series tables.