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Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma tables are, first and foremost, CNC plasma cutters, however we would be remiss in not discussing the diverse capabilities of  the Arc Pro Series plasma tables being used as a CNC router table.  Unlike many of our competitors, we have chosen a stout build for our gantry and z-axis which is tough enough to handle CNC routing.  Arclight Dynamics has CNC routing kits available  for all of the Arc Pro Series Plasma Tables.  If you have questions about how our CNC Plasma tables can be used as a CNC router please give us a call at 1-866-222-2154 or email us at

Key features of our tables that allow for effective CNC routing:

  • 620 oz motors on each side of our gantry riser provide over 3000 oz of effective torque.  A single 620 oz motor provides 1800 oz of torque for the x axis alone.
  • Thick aluminum extrusion gantry resists cutting forces
  • Overbuilt z axis w/ 7″ of travel can handle a 2 1/4 HP Porter Cable router.
  • Extra gantry clearance allows you to mount a table surface on top of the slats and still have 3″ clearance (more clearance is available if you chose to remove the slats).
  • Three point bearing blocks hold the gantry tight to the side rails and prevent upward motion.
  • Mounting surface is adjustable allowing you to easily set your cutting table true to the plane of the router;
    so that each time you reinstall the table you know it is level to the plane of the router.

Each kit includes:

  • 2 1/4 HP variable speed router.
  • Z carriage and router mount (allows for quick and easy changeover).
  • Mounting brackets and heavy support bars.
  • All CNC software needed for routing.
  • Pre-configured and tested system.
  • Dust collection hood w/ 3″ port (dust collection system NOT included).
  • Cutting surface is supplied by customer.
  • 4’x4′ + 5’x5′ Router kit = $800.00
  • 4×8 + 5×10 Router kit = $900.00
  • Arc Max 5’x10′ Router kit = $1,000.00
  • Arc Max 6′ x 12′ Router kit = $1,200.00
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Plasma to CNC Router in under 6 min