Handheld CNC

The PN200 Handheld CNC Pendant

1The PN200 is a full-featured handheld CNC control pendant that puts total control of your Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma table at your fingertips.  The hand pendant is extremely versatile and fully integrated with MACH 3.  Any action made on the PN200 can be shown on your computer monitor in oversized display so an operator can see exactly what they’re adjusting from all sides of the table, near or far. An operator will find freedom of movement around their table for exacting materials setup and use. The PN200 Hand Pendant will quickly display multiple status settings, of critical importance, through dual lit LED’s.  The interface of the Hand Pendant itself is of intelligent design with a simple user friendly platform.  A plasma table operator will quickly be able to monitor feed-rate, override numbers, THC settings/numbers, X Y and Z DRO’s, and much more with this Arclight Dynamics table accessory.

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• Single Hand Operation
• 29 Buttons, 2 rotary encoders
• Multicolor indicators (LED’s)
• Synced with MACH and PC keyboard (parallel operation)>
• Single button settings for Jog Speed, Step Increment.
• 3 Dedicated single button Macro’s.
• Up to 90 additional stored Macros.
• “Big Screen” toggle allows computer monitor to be seen   over 10ft away.
• Auto Mode switching from SETUP to RUN and back
• Keypad jog keys allow single direction jogs at a selected a selected feed-rate.
• Remote control of virtually any MACH function.
• Rotary Encoder control of DTHC Preset Volts (even while cutting)
• THC On/OFF switch
• Rotary Encoder control of feed-rate Override.
• Tactile sealed keypad.
• Operation on reliable, noise immune, RS485. Up to 100ft from controller PC.**
• INTERLOCK (two button activation) for turning ON any Output from the keypad.
• Indicator to show unit has correct communication to PC and to MACH.
• 4 selectable Jog Speeds (rates)
• 3 selectable JOG INCREMENTS
• Single Step Mode allows for precise position control and work touch-off
• Lightweight and rugged.
• Uses single small UTP (CAT5) cable for connection
• 360 Deg Proportional Jogstick allows two axis moves and switches between Primary (XY) and secondary pair (ZA).
• Exclusive PROGRAM MODE allows input of MDI (single line) G-code and execution from the keypad.
• Built-in fail-safe system E-STOP stops machine if unit is unplugged.