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Choosing a CNC Plasma Table

Things to consider when purchasing a plasma table. Follow the steps below to help customize your ideal CNC Plasma Cutting Table.

When choosing a CNC Plasma Table there are a few main ideas to consider that are often overlooked. These steps will help you determine the setup that best suits your needs, allows for future growth and expands your capabilities.

Step 1
Step 1

Table Considerations

Table size is one of the most important considerations for a new system. CNC Plasma Tables are available in the following sizes: 6x12, 5x10, 4x8, 5x5, 4x4, 4x2.

Shop space plays a major factor in your table selection. Carefully measure your shop space and compare this to the overall dimensions of the table that you are considering as well as the control cabinet footprint (24”swing radius). Consider how material will be loaded and unloaded. Material is typically loaded from the operator's left side of the table. A custom “Reverse Build” option reconfigures the table to easily be loaded from the operator’s right side. A reverse build is a no charge option, contact our sales team to specify your table build. There are a few additional things to consider for your shop space:

• Material Storage
• Plasma Cutter
• Air Compressor
• Secondary Finishing Tools
• Proximity to 120V and 220V
• Electrical Supply
• Recommended Earth Grounding

Material thickness will help inform you as to what table and which plasma cutter is best suited for your needs. Consider the max thickness and the typical thickness of your projects. For thinner gauge materials an Arc Pro™ Ultra Series Table will work great. If you plan on frequently handling heavier materials ½” and above an Arc Max Ultra Series Table will be better suited for your needs. For the heaviest cutting applications the Arc Max Unlimited is engineered to handle cutting thicknesses up to 3 inches thick. The maximum plate thickness also plays a direct role in your plasma cutter selection. Thicker materials will require a higher amperage plasma cutter.

The Arc Pro Ultra Series tables offer a solution for anyone needing to cut metal with a CNC Plasma System. They have served customers in many industries including manufacturing, fabrication, sign making, auto restoration, prototyping and the education space for over 10 years.

The Arc Pro Elite Series bring Flashcut CNC to the Arc Pro Ultra Series

The Arc Max Ultra Series tables provide a premium heavy-duty solution with thicker plate capacities, high-output production and is built to withstand rugged work environments.

The Arc Max Elite Series brings easy to use Flashcut CNC capabilities to an industrial strength table.

The Arc Max Unlimited Series brings Flashcut CNC, MaxPro 200 and Oxy-fuel capabilities to an industrial strength table. When production capabilities and thicker cutting capacities matter to your business the Arc Max Unlimited CNC plasma tables are there to meet the demands.

The Piranha A Series CNC Plasma Tables, the perfect synergy of affordability and quality, brought to you by Arclight Dynamics. Tailored for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions without sacrificing performance, the A Series stands as a testament to value-driven engineering in metal fabrication.

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Step 8
Step 8

Power Supply

When considering the power needs for your shop, consider the CNC table needs plasma cutter requirements, air compressor requirements and any additional shop equipment that may have significant amperage draw

Power supply requirements:

  • Table 120V, 15A
  • Plasma Cutters vary depending on amperage and available power
  • Air Compressors vary depending on amperage and available power

Arc Max Unlimited Series

The Unlimited series brings Flashcut CNC, MaxPro 200 and Oxy-fuel capabilities to an heavy-duty industrial strength table.

Arc Max Elite Series

The Elite series brings Flashcut CNC capabilities to an industrial strength table.

Arc Max Ultra Series

Industrial grade CNC for high-output production. Heavy-duty welded steel frame and precision components.

Arc Pro Elite Series

Proven CNC plasma table cutting systems for a variety of shops. Industrial grade technology in an accessible package.

Arc Pro Ultra Series

Proven CNC plasma table cutting systems for a variety of shops. Industrial grade technology in an accessible package.


Watch and learn more about Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma Tables and how easy they are to operate.

Meet the Arc Max! This CNC System is built for commercial, industrial plasma cutting. The Arc Max features a heavy-duty frame, linear rails for outstanding precision, and several optional features as standard.

See how easy it is to use CommandCNC to cut your parts with automatic Digital Torch Height Control. Further expand the capabilities of the CNC System with the addition of Accessory Packages like the Plate Marker, Router, Pipe Cutter, and Auto Tracer.


Jim Colt (legendary Hypertherm tech Guru) wrote a excellent article that details key features one should look for in a plasma table. Notice, Arclight is the only table specifically mentioned in the article.  Cover photo was taken at Fantom Works Shop (Velocity channel’s TV show). Download the full article.

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