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CNC Plasma Tables

Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma tables are offered in five different series. The Arc Pro Ultra, Arc Pro Elite, Arc Max, Arc Max Elite and Arc Max Unlimited Series. Reliability, accuracy, and efficiency are at the foundation of the design of all Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma tables. All backed by dedicated lifetime support for a package that can not be beat.

Arc Max Unlimited Series

When production capabilities matter to your business the Arc Max Unlimited CNC plasma tables are there to meet the demands. The Unlimited series brings Flashcut CNC, MaxPro 200 and Oxy-fuel capabilities to an industrial strength table.

Arc Max Elite Series

Upgrade your shop with an Arc Max Elite series of Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma tables. The Elite series brings Flashcut CNC capabilities to an industrial strength table.

Arc Max Series

When up-time matters for your business. Industrial grade CNC for high-output production. Heavy-duty welded steel frame and precision components.

All New Arc Pro Elite Series

Elevate to the Arc Pro V2 Elite series and unlock the complete potential of precision engineering. Featuring an entirely reimagined table design and user-friendly Flashcut CNC software.

All New Arc Pro Ultra Series

Starting at $9,750. Upgrade to the Arc Pro Ultra series and unleash the full potential of precision engineering. With an all new engineered table design and easy-to-use software.

There is no better CNC plasma cutting and router machine for metal products manufacturers to have. In mere minutes you can create/design a part, reproduce, cut, R&D, and recreate all from the Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma table control cabinet. Industrial Quality Plasma Tables at an Affordable Price. An Arclight Dynamics plasma table can provide the same cut quality as a table costing tens of thousands more. Our tables has may of the same features you will find on much higher priced tables.

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  • Arc Max
  • Arc Pro
Features Arc MaxArc Pro
Starting at $20,450
Starting at $9,450
Sizes6x12, 5x10, 4x8, 5x55x10, 4x8, 5x5, 4x4, 2x2
Weight Capacity2" Thick Mild Steel1" Thick Mild Steel
FrameFully Welded SteelHybrid MS/AL
Water Pan Depth8 inches deep, dual drain4 inches deep, single drain
Power110V / 15-20A110V / 15-20A
Motion3-Axis 20mm HiwinnX, Z Axis 20mm Hiwinn
ControllerCoreCNC Delta 3, Gen2CoreCNC Delta 3, Gen2
Metal Cutting CapabilitiesUp to 1.5" Mild SteelUp to 1" Mild Steel
Emergency Stop3 Locations, On-Screen1 Locations, On-Screen
8" Gantry ClearanceOptional
Flush Slat Surface
Double Slat SpacingOptional
Earth Ground Bus Bar
Magnetic Breakaway Torchhead
Material In-Feed RollersOptional
Motor Covers on All Axis
Dual gantry Drive System
Lifetime Support
Arclight Guarantee
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Made in the USA

All Arclight CNC Plasma Tables are designed, engineered, and made in America.

Lifetime Support

Buy with confidence. Our technical support team is only a call away to train, assist and optimize all aspects of your system. We are with you every step of the way.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.

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CNC Plasma Cutting Table Features

  • Heavy-Duty Frame

    Our welded steel or steel/aluminum hybrid CNC frames generally weighs 2 to 4 times as much as our nearest competitor’s table. This weight combined with engineered cross bracing minimizes vibration and noise, which increases cut quality and table accuracy.

  • Water Table

    A water table drastically reduces dust and stops plate heat warpage. Many of our competitors expect you to build your own or pay extra for this feature. Arclight Dynamics offers this standard on every table. The Arc Max water depth is 8.5 inches and the Arc Pro water depth is 4 inches.

  • High Speed Dual Drive Gantry

    Our gantry is driven on both sides with two powerful motors. This dual drive eliminates gantry flex which allows for fast, clean, accurate cutting. This means: Cleaner cuts (less clean up means more profit) More accurate cuts (less waste and wasted time) Faster cut times (faster positioning between cuts reduces cut time dramatically)

  • Industrial Cable Chain

    Neatly contained through standard industrial cable chain links is your cabling and wires. Cable chains provide a clean aesthetic look, eliminating the need for overhead arms or unmanaged wiring.

  • Ease of Use

    Our competitors cannot match Arclight Dynamics’ table versatility and ease of use. With advanced features like corner and hole slow downs, reverse cut directions, contouring, and additional option inputs, you will achieve superior cut quality through programming alone that is easy to understand and is visually intuitive to use. The Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma system allows for complete control of the cut: pause, fast forward, rewind and re-cut any part, minimizing steel/materials waste. Our Computer Numerated Control (CNC) system provides a simple ‘click of the button’ control and operation or can operate with complex sophistication using personally generated g-code.

  • Advanced Torch Height Control (DTHC) (Standard)

    Our Advance Torch Height Control allows the torch to raise and lower as it moves over warped plate and diamond plate. It maintains a precise distance off the plate using arc voltage feedback. This increases consumable life, increases cut quality, and lowers your costs. Every system we sell comes with Advanced Torch Height Control standard. Don’t buy a table without it, in fact we won’t sell a table without DTHC.

  • Fully Assembled (No Kits)

    Every CNC Plasma Table and router machine manufactured by Arclight Dynamics is made in the USA. Each table is built to completion and is fully tested. Our rigorous inspection and test processes ensure that each and every table performs to the high standard Arclight Dynamics demands of its’ product. Be assured that when your table arrives it will be assembled and ready run, allowing your investment to start making you money.

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Plasma Table History and Uses

Plasma cutting stemmed from plasma welding which was popular in the 1960s. By the 1980’s plasma cutting had become the preferred way to cut sheet and plate metals because of the benefits it had over “metal on metal cutting.”

Traditional early plasma cutting created a lot of metal chips, produced jagged edges, and lacked the accuracy of modern CNC plasma systems. Plasma tables, back then, were extremely expensive, heavy, and quite slow. This generally made these early machines dedicated to making simple and repeatable patterns. Thus the potential for “mass production” was started with plasma. CNC (computer numerical control) cutting technology which was added to plasma tables in the early 1990s gave the user more flexibility, allowing for more cut diversity and ease in creating new shapes “on demand.” Modern tables allow a worker to make a set of instructions, programmed directly into the machine (computer), with highly intricate detail that will produce smooth-edged cuts in a fraction of the time of yesteryears. Our CNC cutting plasma tables can be used to cut steel and other metals of varying thickness and even our smallest model, the (2’x2′ table) can cut up to a “4 square tubing!

You will find that all of the necessities needed to go from concept to creation come standard with our plasma tables. Included, standard, DTHC (automatic digital torch height control), computer with LCD flat screen and computer software, dual-drive gantry w/ +3000 oz. of torque, magnetic torch release, and a precision rack and pinion drive system just to name a few.  We incorporate home switches on all axes and employ bent slats with a strong center support bar allowing for plate up to 1″ to laid on  the Arc Pro table’s cutting surfaces.

Build your Plasma Table

We stand behind every product we make with dedicated lifetime support, a satisfaction guarantee, and an industry leading warranty.

Arc Max Unlimited 5x10 CNC Plasma Table New Pedistal

ArcLight Dynamics Guarantee

We offer a worry-free 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our tables. Our aim is to ensure that all of our products are manufactured with the highest quality and standards. Learn more.